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Why are there different costs for the same plastic skateboard?

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Author : Lucy Liu
Update time : 2020-06-18 20:57:00



Why are there different costs for the same plastic skateboard?


Customers often one question, I find many suppliers with one product, why the costs are so different? Actually, the products just look like the same, but the quality is very different. In China, you can always find cheaper products. But you get what you pay for, the important point is what's the quality you need?
Today, let's talk about the plastic skateboard, you will learn many details what you missed before.
You can see the below pictures, it is our classic plastic skateboard, we made a tail and player can do more tricks. Sure, you can customize the design, color, graphic design, etc. But what is the hidden costs?

First, plastic deck, it is the biggest part of one plastic skateboard. The market positioning of our this plastic skate board is high quality. The deck adds some fiberglass in the PP plastic, when you try to distort and broken it, it is hard. The deck is stronger and thicker, people can practice more difficult movements. 
If you think the higher cost only because of fiberglass, you are wrong. The PP materials also have many options, factory called new PP and recycle PP, it is easy to understand, right?
The price of new PP is higher than the recycle PP's, because the deck is made of new PP, it is durable and tough, and recycle PP deck easy to break.
But I do not think only high quality is a good product, if you only want to purchase some skateboard toys, the recycle PP is a good choice, low cost and environment-friendly.
The second part that affects the cost is the wheel. The rebound of PU wheel decides the ability of the skateboard, the rebound of the wheel is higher, the price is more expensive. So do the bearing, the class of bearing is higher, the price is more expensive.
About the truck, except the material and weight, you also need to consider the production techonoly, die casting or pouring casting. We use die casting thicker truck for our skateboard now. But the pouring casting truck is better, the cost is higher too.

Funshion as a specialty skateboard manufacturer, we always give you the professional suggestion, meet your target price while providing you with the best price. Happy customers, successful business.


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