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Types of skateboards-longboard

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Update time : 2020-10-28 10:28:07

The types of skateboard-Longboard

Common skateboards are generally skateboard(Double kicktail),longboard,Cruiser and electric skateboard.
The type of long board is divided into Downhill, Drop through, Dancing,Crowing,Freestyle,Kicktail,Pintail. 
Here we mainly introduce several kinds of longboards produced by our factory:Dangcing,Drop through,
Cruising, Downhill and Pintail.




44'' dancing longboard made of 8 ply canadian maple and 1 ply bamboo, sturdy but flexible. 9.2" deck wide design offer rider more foot space to dance.




39" drop through longboard made of 8 ply chinese maple material, come with 70x51mm SHR 78A PU wheels and 7" aluminum alloy trucks. Dropthrough mounting encourages stability while the short wheelbase keeps your setup feeling nimble, enabling hard carving and quick turns.



36" cruiser deck is made of 5 ply canadian maple and 2 ply bamboo material, come with 65x45mm SHR 78A PU wheels and 6" aluminum alloy trucks, plus kick tail design. So it's a good board for cruising on the street and do some simple tricks.  




42'' pintial longboard, of course, is design for cruising. If you just want to something to get from point A to B ( like beach,skate park,town or something long distances) , choose this board from the options here.




37'' downhill deck is made of 8 ply rock canadian maple material, come with 70x51mm SHR 78A PU wheels and 7"  thick aluminum alloy trucks, plus high performance hard bushings 90A. Make it good for downhill, sliding and freeride longboards.  Also can do carving freely because of anti wheel-bite design on the board. 



Custome Deck ,Truck, Wheels, Accessories and packaging are avaliable.
We also provide Free design service.
We have a excellent graphic design team. Just tell us your idea for your logo/brand for longboard. Our designer will offer you a solution immediately.



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