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The surface treatment technology of the scooter

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Update time : 2020-07-31 16:27:54

The surface treatment technology of the scooter


The surface treatment technology of the scooter mainly includes Powder coating , painting, oxidation, electroplating .

Powder Coating can be divided into matte and not dumb light two kinds, general plastic spraying means the powder spraying,  electrostatic spray gun to polyester, polyamide, or epoxy and so on synthesis of polymer powder coatings spray to have after surface treatment, such as phosphating to Shanghai juji surface of workpiece, workpiece after drying room again, and the formation of a strong excellent corrosion resistance of the coating layer.Spray paint is expensive than plastic spray, the surface is smoother without bubbles, texture is also different.

Neo chrome and Anodized is mainly used for Top scooters.

Oxidation is divided into color oxygen and ordinary oxidation, such as a few years ago particularly popular rainbow limit car is the use of color oxygen process.Oxidation refers to the electrolytic oxidation of the oxidized metal (aluminum) as the anode through low-voltage direct current, so as to form a dense oxide film on the surface of the material, which is the oxide of its own metal.

The electroplated material is used as the cathode, the coated metal is used as the anode for electrification, and the coated metal exists in the electrolyte in the state of metal ions.The price of electroplating is more expensive. The products after electroplating are very shiny and beautiful, but they are more easily worn than those of oxidation.

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