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The production process of the stunt scooter

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The production process of the stunt  scooter

Funshion is a  professional manufacturer of scooters, skateboards,electric scooters etc. sporting products since 2008.
Stunt scooter is one of the main products of our factory.Now, I will introduce the main production process of pro scooters in our factory.

The main production process of stunt scooter is mainly divided into the following steps:
1.Cutting and punching the raw material- aluminum by Auto Cutting machine.
Aluminum material can choose 6063 aluminum and 6061 aluminum,6061 aluminum, hardness 15-17 degrees, the price is relatively high.
6063 aluminum, hardness 11-13 degrees, the price is relatively low.

2.Moulding the Aluminum ,modifying the shape of the aluminum  through CNC machine ,then welding the aluminum to form the deck.
About the shape: the Deck is divided into top grade 120mm wide, length 540mm or 535mm.Medium width 116mm, length 515mm or 525mm.
The width should be moulded and the length can be customized.Local shapes are moulded by punching die.

3.The deck and connection shall be treated with T4 and T6 heat treatment.
Welding is to be performed between the Connection and the deck. Afterwards, Heat treatment is to be performed as a whole (T-6 Heat treatment process).
The connection is made of 6061 aluminum .High-grade deck and connection with forging one of the process, the ordinary is to use stretched aluminum , between the deck and connection with welding, and then the whole thermal processing, adjust the Angle of the model and make the overall hardness consistent.

4.Surface treatment of the deck
Surface treatment processes are powder coating,Spray painting, oxidation.

5.The manufacturing process of the handlebar and the deck is similar. The raw materials are cut and shaped, then welded and heat-treated, and then surface treatedT.
The material of handlebar basically has 3 kinds:
(1)Steel: extensibility is general, hardness is big, the price is lowest.
(2) Aluminum: it has better elongation and elasticity, and its price is higher than that of steel.
(3) Chromoly 4130: good elongation and elasticity, expensive price.
The handlebar length can be customized, ranging from 450-590mm, with an entry-level recommended length of 500mm.
Surface treatment process has powder coating,Spray painting, oxidation., the price increases in turn.

6.About the wheel
External materials are PU (hardness) 88A, rebound :60%~90%, especially important for stunt scooters, the higher the percentage and the higher the price.
Wheel core is made of plastics (PP,PC,ABS, etc.) and aluminum alloy, both of which can be customized in color.The wheel core of aluminum alloy can make the color of metal texture.
The diameter of the wheel is 100mm,110mm,120-125mm (it is generally equipped with matching front fork. The clearance between the front fork and the wheel should be less than 5mm or more than 12mm in accordance with international safety standards, and we generally take less than 5mm as the standard.)

7.Assemble the various parts of the stunt scooters.

The material, size, color and logo printed on the deck  ,handlebar,headtube,wheel can be customized.
Customers can also choose deck, headset,fork,handlebar,Bearing and  of different grades and quality.Screws are generally of class 8.8, class 10.8 and class 12.8. Bearings are generally divided into ABEC-5, ABEC-7 and ABEC-9.Generally speaking, our factory will use class 10.8 screws and ABEC-9 bearings.
For details, please refer to our other article:What customized services can we offer for pro scooters?


Customize the color box and Cartons accordance with the packaging designs of customers.


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